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*926M Loader with 2016 Quick Attach Brushcutter   
YOUTUBE: Cat 926M Equipped with LRM T121H Brushcutter | Ideal for Roadside & Highway Maintenance   


Little's success was founded with premium grade and quality parts. Years of trouble-free operation have proven that Little Brushcutter heads are more reliable and durable than the competition.

Little offers a complete line of Brushcutter Heads designed for the governmental mowing industry including Flail, Rotary, Ditcher, and Excavator Heads. These quality products are designed tough to meet high uptime and low maintenance needs. The Brushcutter Heads are used on the Boom and Shoulder Mower Systems.

  • Cowls are constructed from ASTM 514 and ASTM A36 steel plates with stiffening ribs and reinforcements to handle the load.
  • Flail knives are made from high strength steel with machined cutting surfaces and then heat treated to give exceptional performance and long life.
  • Rotary blades are manufactured from thick T-1 steel plate, with flame formed cutting edges, and are heat treated for extra long life, even in the most abusive cutting conditions. Blade bolts are machined from 3.25 inch high-strength steel bar stock, making them the largest and strongest blade bolts used on rotary boom mounted brushcutters. One piece rotary spindles are machined from 9.25 inch high-strength steel bar stock for safety and long life.
  • All heads are provided with pressure relief to prevent shocking the hydraulic system when the blades hit immovable objects.  The standard configuration includes a cross-port manifold with an anti-cavitation circuit that allows the motor to coast to a stop to minimize heat build-up and prevent back-pressurizing the system.

Quick Attach Brushcutters

The advantages of the IT14G and 924 Work Tools with a Little Boom Mower are the operator visibility, mower positioning, and speed of the change-over.  The mower is mounted to the B series coupler and the hydraulics are fully integrated with the IT14G.

The Work Tool can be ordered pre-configured for the Mower package (MA 3).  The Dealer can order all material to easily complete the initial installation.


Flail Heads

Little Flail Mowers are used in grass,  brush, woody vegetation and for limbing.  The principle advantage of a Flail Mower is that the vegetation is mulched while being cut.  Flail Mowers from Little are offered in several sizes and with three blade configurations.


Rotary Heads

Little Rotary Mowers handle the tough stuff with three heavy, high-strength blades that are free to spin 360° about their pivots.

Rotary Mowers are used principally for woody vegetation and  they excel at cutting 3” to 6” diameter softwoods. Blade options allow Little Rotary mowers to be configured for use primarily for cutting grass.

Rotary heads are used for ground maintenance (trails, fire breaks, etc.) and limbing.  Rotary heads disgorge materials in all directions, and should not be used near people or traffic.

Excavator Heads

Flail and Rotary Brushcutter Heads are often installed on excavators as a secondary tool.

Little’s Bi-Directional Rotary Heads are offered for most excavator series.  These heads allow cutting in both swing directions of the excavator.

Little custom matches the Head to the Excavator including mechanical connections (pin-on or quick attach) and hydraulic pressure/flow. 

The head is provided with a cross-port relief manifold and all hydraulic lines are preinstalled from the motor to the manifold. 

For further information on the compatibility and requirements for a customized Excavator Head, please contact us at 864.236.0777.

Boom Mowers

Mid-Mounted Boom Mowers are featured on the Massey Ferguson VMS® and Challenger RMS® lines of tractors. 

Massey Ferguson VMS® 5460/6255

Challenger RMS® 465B/525B/535B

These mowers are used for cutting grass, brush, and limbing. The electronically controlled Articulated Arms are combined with Rotary or Flail mowers that are hydraulically driven using an independent reservoir that is isolated from the tractor. One of the unique characteristics of the Little Boom is the direct acting rotary cylinder used for angular positioning of the Boom. The rotary actuator eliminates push-pull cylinders and linkages for improved reliability and reduced maintenance. The actuator has a massive bearing area with hydraulically pressurized thrust bearings to take the load.

Ditcher Heads

The rotary Ditcher head is the perfect companion to Little’s line of boom mounted mower heads. Heat treated T1 steel blades remove sediment, vegetation, and debris from roadside ditches to keep them flowing smoothly. The drive train uses many of the same durable components as Little’s Rotary mower heads, so your spare parts stock is minimal.

Like Little’s mower heads, the rotary Ditcher takes just a few minutes to mount on Little’s high-strength booms.